Vancouver Folk Fest

On Saturday I spent the day with Emily listening to grooving music at the Folk Festival. The music was amazing and very eclectic. Highlights for me were:

  • Watching people hippy dance to the get-up-and-dance beats from Afrodizz.
  • Hearing Utah Phillips warped childrin’s bed-time song It’s Only a Wee-Wee.
  • The funniest and most disturbing song I heard was Kill Pat Robertson by Dan Bern Hamell On Trial.
  • The varied music. One second you were listening to classic folk, the next second it was Indian or reggae or rap.
  • Sine Lauritsen, the lead singer from the Danish group Zar had one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard (and the nerdiest first name). My favourite session is where she performed with Salt and an Indian singer.
  • Crowd watching. There was an excellent mix of original hippies in old tie-dyed shirts, families with small kids, and young hipsters
  • The hip leather wrist band I bought from a woman with a shop at the edge of fest. She made it for me while I waited. I love supporting local artisans.
  • Being able to sit in the sun or shade, listen to great music, and look out over the beach with English Bay and the Rocky Mountains in the background. Simply breathtaking. It was then that I realized I really love this city.
  • Weird, funky, Didjeridu-infused music from Ganga Giri.
  • Feist was amazing. I’m not a Broken Social Scene fan and I don’t have any Feist tracks on my computer, but she was awesome in concert.


  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed the B.C. Folk Fest experience. Was Feist still scared of crowds/microphones/etc? I saw her last year at the Wpg Folk Fest and she was terrified. It was adorable.
    I support the leather wristband phenomena. Miah and Brent got matching ones this year at our Fest.


    • Feist seemed pretty comfortable singing in front of the big crowd, although she did seem more nervous when she talked between songs. You’re right, there’s something about her vulnerability that is very adorable.
      I like my wristband, but I feel that it should be imbued with certain super-natural powers; rapid shoulder healing or super-fast typing would be handy. I must be reading too much fantasy lately.


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