Where do Vancouver’s City Council Candidates Live?

Vancouver doesn’t have a ward system, so city council councillors don’t represent a neighbourhood, but rather the city as a whole. I don’t want to go into the pros/cons of a ward vs at-large system, but it is interesting to see where candidates live.

Vision-blue, NPA-red, and COPE-yellow, other-purple – I chose to put the other parties as purple dots to prevent clutter.

Interesting notes:
– south-east Vancouver has no candidates (from the major parties), even though it is densely populated.
– The breakdown of candidates by large geographical area is:
– Downtown: 1 Vision, 4 NPA, 7 other
– West side: 4 Vision, 3 NPA, 1 COPE, 8 other
– East side: 3 Vision, 3 NPA, 2 COPE, 15 other
– NPA candidate Bill McCreery lives in Richmond

Note: the address of each candidate is listed on their nomination papers available on the Vancouver Votes website.

Here is the Park Board Map

And School Board Map


  1. I see you say “I only included candidates from the 3 main parties (Vision-blue, NPA-red, and COPE-yellow)” but the Green candidates are there too (Adrianne Carr’s green bubble is hiding behind Tim Stevenson’s blue bubble in the West End).

    I’d also like to see where the NSV (Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver) candidates live.


    • Good catch. I’ve been slowly updating the map as I find time. The original post didn’t have the council or school board candidates either. I want to add independents and NSV candidates tonight when I find time.


    • Who knew people would be so anxious to have the public know where they live. And to think I was worried that candidates would be offended having their home addresses made so public.
      I’ll add you soon Freyja. I just finished adding all the independents to the City Council map.


  2. Great work Chris – thanks.

    Interesting, given how the city now splits it’s vote on the ‘diagonal’ last time, that there is such a dearth of big party candidates from the south-east quadrant in all the categories.


  3. A cursory glance suggests these maps are little more than ‘population density maps’. It is not surprising that most of l the candidates reside in the heavier populated areas of town, i mean after all, you wouldn’t expect many candidates to come from the forests of the endownment lands or other ‘lowly populated’ parts of town such as south vancouver’s ‘industrial and warehouse areas. I suppose in 20 years when the mega-developers have finished exploiting the Sky Train – Cambie Street Corridor there well be a representative of candidates from that area too.


  4. Rusty–

    Not so fast there ‘Breakfast On The Colorado Rockies Breath’.

    Look again at Chris’ Maps.

    We are talking South of the mid-30s and East of Main here, not south of Marine, or even 57th.

    Regardless, head on back to my place and look at the diagonal split from the last election…And look at the size, in area, of the polls, which are a relatively accurate reflection of pop. density…Notice anything?…It’s not the South-East quadrant that has the biggest boxes (ie. lowest densities), but rather the South-Western Creme Belt (which is precisely why Peter-The-Red became the doomed leader of a rump-roast party in 2008, in my opinion).


  5. Your school board map is wrong. COPE School Board trustee Allan Wong lives in SE Vancouver. I think you placed his pin in the SW. We don’t have a candidate who lives in the SW.


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