New Year’s Eve is Cancelled!

Sorry to inform you, but New Year’s Eve has been canceled. If you had plans, I’m sorry, they’ll have to be rescheduled.

I did have plans to go out tonight. But I was informed earlier that New Year’s Eve has been canceled (or rather rescheduled to some time in the next two weeks). So, now it’s a night in with the parents. Yippee!

I think it’s a bad karma catching up to me. I spent most of the day laughing at Kelsey’s misfortune at being stuck out at my Grandma’s farm in Sandy Lake, MB. Her and a bunch of her friends drove out on Tuesday to do some snowboarding up at Asessippi, but a big snow storm came barreling through and has stranded them there for the past two days. We had 45 cm of snow here in the city (not that gave pause to most Winnipegers). And to top it off, my grandma’s sewage system broke on Wednesday and was just fixed today, so they haven’t been able to flush toilets or have showers until today.

So, making fun of my sister’s predicament couldn’t have helped my karma. Nor could bailing on Allison and Erinn two years ago for New Year’s. I guess I had this coming.

So, my night’s plans now include doing a puzzle with my dad and breaking high scores in pinball (9.5 million so far).

Hope everyone is having a better night. See you next year.


  1. If it happens to mean anything, my New Years also consisted of hanging out with parents…Miah and I went to his parent’s hotel room after going to see Kinsey, and it was about the least exciting New Years Eve of the last decade of my life. I’m sorry last night got cancelled. It’ll all be explained shortly.
    Oh, and Happy New Year!


    • Sorry to hear you didn’t have a rocking night either. I’m not upset our party got cancelled. Last night really wasn’t that bad. Compared to most evenings, it was positively delightful. Ate some snack food, played some board games – very relaxing.
      Hopefully we can reschedule our New Year’s party. I don’t care when it is, I just want to party with you guys.
      P.S. Can’t you change the clock on your computer?


      • On Optimus (my computer) yes, the date can be changed. In fact, it’s 100 corrrect, all of the time. However, I’ve been using Miah’s computer for the last little while, and the calendar function on it is completely screwed up. No matter how many times I change it to the correct date and time, it just resets itself to whatever feels good to it in the moment. It’s really quite silly.
        Oh, and my New Years wasn’t all bad…just not exciting. We did end up almost blowing a hole in our hallway ceiling with a champagne cork, and that’s what New Years is all about, right? Right?


  2. Happy New Year
    Happy New Year Porter.
    Glad to hear your New Year’s Eve with the folks was positively delightful.
    There will be many other New Year’s Eves 🙂


  3. Seattle New Years
    Happy New Year!
    I can’t say I did much for New Years either – given the time zone difference catching up with me (I think), I couldn’t even drag myself out of the apartment to go watch the fireworks at the Space Needle. Watched them on TV instead on the building’s common area tv.


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