Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I’m off to the Emerald City tomorrow. Should the beginning of a grand adventure. My flight leaves early tomorrow morning and I arrive in Seattle around noon (30 minutes before Greg). Then we’re driving down to our condo in Redmond. I’m a little nervous about clearing customs and will feel better once I’m settled in our new place. Work starts on Monday morning.

I had a great stay in Winnipeg. It was great seeing everyone and spending time with the family and Roxie, Allison, Erinn, and the whole crew at Lorie’s. Unfortunately it will be close to 6 months until I’m back in the Peg – I’ll miss you all.

I don’t have a laptop or a digital camera yet. Once I get my first paycheck I’m going shopping. So you’ll have to wait until then for some pictures.


  1. Let the adventures begin!!! Have a good flight.
    About the border, I was a little anxious too, but for nothing. After a 10 minute wait, he just processed me really quickly. He didn’t even want to stamp the passport, he only wanted to give me the I-94. I forced him to stamp it and staple it 🙂
    Again, have a great time and give a shout out to Bill from me 🙂


  2. My experiences
    I posted a note on Greg’s LJ so I won’t reiterate that stuff here..
    When I came over the first time, I used all the “magic” words (training, not work) and things were good. But one of my housemates got hassled for no apparent reason.
    I was a little worried about coming back to Seattle but all he wanted to know was where my old I-94 was (the airline took it when I went back to Canada on Friday).
    Customs people can be so random…


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