Notes on my week

Well my second week of work is over. It was really the first week I was actually doing work, and boy did I work my butt off. I cranked out an awesome site monitoring tool for NewsBot, the product team I working for. It makes lots of pretty graphs and pie charts. I did spend a lot of time on it though. Most days I was here from 8:30 – 6:30, and I was here until 9:00 on Thursday. I’m going to have to slow my pace down, or I might burn out like poor JP.

I’m really happy with the way my Software Developer in Test (SDET) job is going. I was kind of worried I’d be stuck testing widgets or something suitably boring, but I’m doing more design and coding then the developers I know here. And the coding I’m doing is for analysis tools, so there aren’t hundreds of hoops to jump through before I can release it. My first tool will be ready for use on Monday. It was ready on Friday, but my code review revealed a few problems that I need to fix first.

Last weekend Greg, Jennifer, and I spent the day walking around downtown Seattle. The highlight was Pike Place Market. The original Starbucks was disappointing, but the fish tossing fish mongers surpassed all expectations (what can you expect from people who toss fish for a living?) – especially when they hit some poor tourist in the head with a fake fish.

We still have to hit the big sites, like the Space Needle and the Experience the Music Project. Although that can wait until Kelsey comes to visit me in two weeks. I hope it snows before then. This afternoon, I might meet some interns for a trip to the Aquarium.

I opened an American bank account yesterday at Bank of America. Our co-op advisor told us to avoid the big banks because their customer service sucked, but the people at Bank of America were most accommodating. First, they were open on Saturday, but only until 1 o’clock. Greg and I showed up at 1:45 and they still let us in and opened an account for us. And since we’re Microsoft employees, they wave a whole bunch of charges. We said Sarah referred us, so she got $70, and each of us got $25. And they deposit another $25 in your account for free, just because they’re so nice. I was definitely impressed. I especially like having multiple bank accounts. I feel like such a tycoon.

I have a membership at the Pro Club now. It’s the biggest, craziest gym I have ever seen. It’s uber-huge! And it’s frequented by scrawny Microsoft geeks, so I don’t have to worry about too many testosterone-filled big-muscle guys.


  1. And since we’re Microsoft employees, they wave a whole bunch of charges.
    Is there ANYthing that doesn’t immediately get better when you’re a Microsoft employee? It sounds like you’ve got it made now.


  2. The fish tossing fish mongers are actually famous. They have published a book and video entitled “FISH” which is used for work place motivation. My last boss had all her work unit read the book and the Corporation has the video too. It’s about making the workplace fun and improving employee satisfaction. If selling fish can be fun, why not anything else. Good book.


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