Friday Night Excitement

Yesterday was lots of fun. We had another wine and cheese at Nodira’s last night.
The highlights:

  • Lots of wine and beer, and a gas can full of rum and coke
  • Drunken SET (I brought the nerd entertainment again – last time it was logic puzzles)
  • I lost five bucks in a poker tournament
  • Greg got hammered and I got to be his DD (the gas can was a giant killer)
  • After Nodira kicked us out at 2:00, we went to Microsoft for a ping-pong tourney. We found the table, but no ball
  • But we did find an XBox, so we played Halo 2 for an hour
  • Greg, in his drunken stupor, still kicked our butts
  • I tried to keep up to Sarah as she raced up four levels of the parking garage – that girl drives like a maniac

Greg was still passed out when I left to workout at the gym this morning.

Tomorrow we’re having a few peope over to watch the Super Bowl or for some – the commericials. Although I hear they’re really lame this year.

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