Covert Laundry Operation

Well I’ve been in school for a month now, but it doesn’t really feel like I’ve settled in yet. I think I’m suffering from wander-lust. The place I’m living in this term is nice, but I don’t know two of my roommates and some little things are starting to get on my nerves. I haven’t fully unpacked yet. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for.

Our Internet has been down for the past day (which is slowly driving me mad). Supposedly it’s a problem with Bell this time. We’ve had problems in the past that just required a router reset, but our router is in a girl’s room who either locks her door when she’s not home or sleeps at the oddest hours. So I quietly curse her whenever the Internet goes down.

Our house has a pay washing machine and dryer, which is really annoying because I never have change. And someone always leaves clothes in it. So, for the past few days I’ve been trying to get my laundry done, because I’ve been running dangerously low, but every time I find time to do it, the laundry machine has clothes in it. Things hit the tipping point this morning when I woke up to do laundry and one of my roommates threw a single load in at 8 am and then left. She wasn’t back by 11:30, so I took matters into my own hands.

I was in desperate need for clean clothes, and a “commando” operation was the only solution. That’s the sad state my laundry was in. After trying to find a laundromat near my house, I realized the residences on campus were probably my best bet. So, I stuffed all my dirty laundry into two stuff sacks and threw my laptop in my backpack and trudged down to school. I forgot you needed to be in residences to use the laundry facilities here, but I managed to sneak my way in through the back door.

My laundry is almost done now. It’s so much better here then at home. The machines are cheaper and do a much better job at cleaning and drying my clothes. And I can do all of my laundry at one time.

My laptop battery is almost dead. Forgot to bring my power cable. Whoops. I’ll write more about my first month of school later. It’s been pretty hectic.


    • clothes left in a washer are fair game for the floor.
      I was waiting for someone to point out the obvious.


      • Re: clothes left in a washer are fair game for the floor.
        Yeah. I know. I bitched my roommate out when she got home and that was her reply.
        My back is killing me from carying all my clothes home.


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