Computer: Earl Grey…Hot

Fish & ChipsI’m not a big caffeine drinker – I avoid coffee and coke. Some of you will remember the twitching that accompanied my first (and only) latte I drank Seattle. But I’ve found the need to resort to drinking tea to make it through some of my more knackered days here in London.

I’ve found that a cup of Earl Grey tea really helps to get me through the afternoon. Especially about an hour after lunch when my energy levels plummet. Friday’s are the worst. Not because of any lack of sleep on Thursday nights, but because of the heavy fish and chips lunch with baked beans and mushy peas (Mmmmm!). The cafeteria here at work serves a great fish and chips lunch for Β£3 on Fridays.

It’s quite embarrassing when my forehead keeps banging on my keyboard, so I’ve resorted to drinking tea. I’d much prefer to take a nice siesta, but it’s not the English way. Maybe I’ll try to get a job in Spain next time.

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