My London Favourites – Top 8 Restaurants

I’ve been meaning to post some Top 10 lists for a while. There should be one or two per day for the next week. Today’s feature – my favourite restaurants. I ate out a lot in the past 4 months, and a few places really stand out for quality and atmosphere.
Italian Graffiti

  1. Cafe in the Crypt – in the crypt of St. Martin’s church with real crave stones underneath the chairs and tables. Extremely hearty and tasty food at cheap prices.
  2. Lalibela – Ethiopian restaurant where you eat the food without utensils; you have to rip off sour bread and scoop it up. The food was nicely spiced and flavourful.
  3. Food For Thought – vegetarian cafe in Soho. Great, healthy food, but cramped location.
  4. Bamboula – Caribbean restaurant in Brixton with yummy food. Although when we went they had run out of ingredients for most menu items.
  5. Italian Graffiti – amazing pizzas. Located right in the heart of theatre land. We had seats next to a roaring fireplace.
  6. Lindas Pasta Bar – really tasty food and friendly staff.
  7. Small & Beautiful – good cheap Mediterranean food.
  8. Zizzi’s – a chain of Italian restaurants that have good pizza and pasta dishes.

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