Back in Canada

It’s good to be back on familiar soil. I’m still going through a bit of culture shock. Somethings I’ve noticed:
– Canadian coins feel flimsy
– When someone is walking toward me on the sidewalk, I immediately move to the left side
– I look right first when crossing the street
– I don’t have an English accent (sadly), but I do subconsciously raise the tone of my voice at the end of questions, which sounds British, much to Lorrissa and Ben’s amusement
– I’ve been waking up at 5:30 every morning (even though I’ve been up late both nights)

I still don’t have my stuff out of storage (Erin’s giving me a ride tonight), so I’ve been living in flux. I don’t have a blanket or pillow for my bed (but I stole the small ones from the plane), I don’t have a towel (had to shower at the PAC), and all my kitchen stuff is missing.

But it is nice to see familiar faces. I went to book a haircut appointment yesterday, and the hairdresser knew my name – which shocked me because I only go once or twice a term. I’ve noticed everyone hear makes a lot of eye contact when your walking on campus. Either people in London are just aloof (big city syndrome) or students are busy checking each other out or looking for friends.

One comment

  1. Welcome home
    Welcome home, or at least back to Canada. You survived your British adventure. Loved your tales. Now back to the books for another 4 months.
    Keep to the right on the escalator, mind the gap, and your home free!


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