F.A.S.S. and Grad Ball

On Friday, I was treated to the finest display of nerd acting and humour. F.A.S.S. (which is a collaboration of staff and students at Waterloo, but really involves a bunch of Math and Engineering nerds) put on A Midwinter Night’s FASS. It was my second FASS show and I thoroughly enjoyed it because the humour was oh so very nerdy. I mean where else could you get away with making references to Strongbad emails, emoticons and other messaging slang, and the crappiness of Quest.

This year I went to the Friday late show, which is traditionally attended by former cast members who spend the entire show verbally harassing the actors with jeers and taunts. It was like watching a play accompanied by dozens of Statler and Waldorf muppets. At times I thought all the heckling detracted from the acting, but for the most part the jokes thrown out by the audience were funnier than the scripted jokes. And it was nice to see the audience really get involved with the show. This being Waterloo and the crowd being full of nerds, most of the jokes were of course sexual. I’ve never heard so many people shout KY Jelly simultaneously.

In other (unrelated) news, I have a date for Grad Ball, so my job is now to encourage everyone to go, because it’s going to be awesome! Engineering Grad Ball that is. Go get your tickets now. It’s April 1, no joke. One last chance to party it up as undergraduate students.


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