On Cloud Nine

I just finished dancing up and down the hallway, so I thought I’d share my joy with all my loyal lj readers.

Note: This is a friends only post because it contains sensitive information that I don’t want the public / my family to find out about. So don’t share it.

I’ve received such great news this week that it’s tough to know where to start.

First of all, I found out last night that I’ve been offered jobs for both positions at Microsoft that I interviewed for. Yippee! I had 2 days to decide on the group I wanted the formal offer from, but told them right away that I was only interested in PlayTable. PlayTable is a top secret team (so keep this secret) working on the coolest piece of technology I have ever seen. So, I’m super psyched about the offer. I’m still undecided between Business Objects in Vancouver and Microsoft, but now I have lots to think about.

On one hand, I have cool technology and an awesome opportunity at Microsoft, but combined with the fate of life in the United States.
On the other hand, I have a cool company located in beautiful Vancouver and a solid job doing development work.

Obviously there’s more to consider, but it will be a tough choice either way.

Don’t tell my family!!!
The other super exciting news is I’ve been chosen as valedictorian (I have trouble spelling it) for convocation in June. I’m still in shock. For those of you who don’t know, I was chosen as the Software Engineering representative a few weeks ago by a vote. Thank you to all the Softies who nominated or voted for me. After I was chosen, I had to go through all the work of preparing a speech. Today, the representatives from every engineering program presented their speeches to a panel of 7 professors, 2 student reps, and Sue Gooding (from the Dean’s office). I was up against stiff competition. I didn’t hear any other speech, but I heard rumors that Matt Strickland (Elec) had been preparing his speech for a year. I was also up against Karim from Systems Design and Paul Gvildys from Comp Eng. Needless to say, I didn’t think my chances were that good, but tried my best anyway.

I really need to thank aramisben, erin_noelle, and Lorrissa for their feedback and help with the speech. I was really happy with the way it turned out. I was thinking on the way home from school that even if I didn’t get it, I’d be secure in knowing I wrote a good speech. But when I checked my email I started dancing up and down the hallways. Oddly enough, it was a congratulations email from Chris Wasik that I saw first. Thanks Chris.

Now the top secret part. I’ve been very careful so far not to mention my nomination or my speech preparation to my family. I want them to be surprised when they come to convocation in June. So don’t you dare tell or even hint it to anyone that might let anyone who knows someone in my family know! I’ll find you and I will kill you. I made sure this post was Friends only and ensured my sister can’t see it. I can’t way to see the look on their faces when I go up to give the speech! šŸ™‚

Right now I just feel like giving everyone a big hug…
Hershey's Chocolate Hug


  1. Congrats Porter! I knew you could do it! I remember Paul talking about going up against people for Valedictorian and I deliberately didn’t tell him anything about you. =) Softies rule! Congrats again!


  2. That is super exciting Chris, I can’t think of a guy that deserves it more!
    Your parents will be super proud when they come to your convocation. I would learn how to spell valedictorian before that day though, just a suggestion!
    *hug* Congratulations!


  3. Wow! Great work Chris! You’ll knock ’em dead, I’m sure!
    P.S. Where does one go about getting a Hershey Kiss that big… that is actually chocolate?


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