Birthdays, Bowling, Betting, & Butchering French (Oh…and some Vagina)

Saturday was my 23rd Birthday. I’m getting old. I celebrated in old-man fashion and did homework all day. So not much to say there.

On Thursday night, I went to see the Vagina Monologues with Erin. It was a great opportunity to explore my feminine side and feel like a dork while women laughed at inside jokes not meant for male ears. Actually I laughed along too and even found it funny. And I wasn’t the only guy there, but we were outnumbered about 10:1 which is very un-Waterloo. The best was when a guy burst out laughing at one point and was the only person laughing. I was embarassed for him.

I felt awkward going, was intimidated by the lady in the giant vagina costume at the door, and felt the need to crack dumb jokes until the play started to settle myself. But I’m glad I went. I didn’t realize women had such complicated relationships with their body parts, or at least this body part.

On Friday night, Ben, Lorrissa, Erin, and I celebrated my birthday. It was kind of a celebration of all our birthdays at once since Ben’s was in January, Lorrissa’s in February, and Erin’s is in April and this was the first time we did anything. We went to the Mongolian Grill for dinner. I stuffed myself with stir fry, then surcumed to peer pressure and ordered dessert with everyone else, then just before we got our bill the staff came out singing Happy Birthday and brought another piece of cake. We were all stuffed, but I found a way to eat most of it. I felt sick.

After dinner, we headed down to Kitchener for some Cosmic Glow Bowling. Lorrissa was a machine the first game. I think she had 5 strikes in her last 6 frames. She said her motivation was all the trash talking I did before the game. So, I really needed to step it up. The 2nd game we both started with strikes in the first 2 frames. Then she missed her third, and I went on to get 5 strikes in the first 5 frames. I was on fire, but then quickly fizzled out. I think I only had around 180 in the end, but still beat Lorrissa. The third game was the rubber match, with Ben and Erin fighting not to be last. I think Erin won by one point in the aggregate scores. Poor Ben. Beaten by 2 girls! I managed to beat Lorrissa again to reign supreme!

After bowling, we came back to rez and played poker, cribbage, and talked until 4 am. It was lots of fun. Once midnight hit and my birthday started my luck went all downhill. I got knocked out of poker, then lost in cribbage to Erin and 4 player match with Ben to Erin and Lorrissa. I now owe Lorrissa a home-made dinner and Erin and Lorrissa breakfast.

After I left Lorrissa and Erin’s and made the long trek accross the hallway back to our place, I had difficulty getting back into my room. During the night, Birthday fairies had visited and taped the door shut using Birthday streamers. I can’t be certain who it was, but it had certain resemblences to the decoration job last year at Microsoft. So thanks Greg and Sarah!

Saturday was spent doing the most tedious work on our VOIP system for Testing and butchering French using the Google Language tools to translate everything in our GUI from English to French. Worst Birthday Ever! (But the 2 nights before were fun)

I can’t wait to move to Vancouver so I can take part in pillow fights and Manhunt.

Erinn: That remixed Fall Out Boy is whacked!


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