April Fool’s Day Mayhem

I never seem to realize it’s April Fool’s Day until after I get fooled at least once. This morning it was SLC.com‘s article about being hired full-time to blog for UW. It would be great news, but the timing is a bit suspicious. I only realized it was probably a prank until someone mentioned the possibility in the comments.

After that I went in search of more online April Fool’s Day fun. My finds:

I won’t be though. I’ll be spending today much like my Birthday – madly doing homework. At least until this evening when I pretty myself up and head out to GradBall.

One comment

  1. Haha, I wish I had thought of it. Though it’s even too pink for me (also, I think my LiveJournal is too pink for me now). And Cute Overload is ridiculous, but I like it. My cousin introduced it to me, laughing the entire time and I laughed along, but inside I have to admit I was all “why is he laughing, these bunnies are sooo cute!”. Anywayyyyy. I’m a big fan of the April Fool’s, the best one I ever saw was Go Fug Yourself last year when they revamped their site and decided to praise celebrities for their brave fashion choices instead of tearing them down. Ok…now that I’ve blathered on *blushes*, I’m going to stop procrastinating and go back to studying.


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