I’m Finished And Off In Search of Bigger Things

School is officially done. I finished my last exam on Thursday, shipped my meager possessions back home, and moved out of residence on Friday. Marks have started appearing on Quest and so-far-so-good. But the scary courses have yet to report (Testing and Component-Based SE).

Ben and I have been spending the weekend at Erin’s – preparing for our trip and feasting on our last home-cooked meals that we’re likely to enjoy for a while.

Tonight we leave to Europe. Our flight leaves at 22:50 and we arrive in London around noon tomorrow. Then we’re set for 35 days of fun, sun, backpacking, and crazy European adventures. Our itinerary right now has us in London -> Paris -> Nice (& Monaco) -> Cinque Terre -> Florence -> Rome -> Venice -> Milan -> Interlaken -> Munich -> Prague -> Berlin -> Amsterdam -> Frankfurt -> Toronto.

If I have time to hit an internet cafe on the trip, I’ll make some updates here, but otherwise I’ll be back posting when I get home in June.

It seems everyone is heading on a trip somewhere. I hope we all have exciting, memorable, and not-too-dangerous fun.


  1. Bigger and Better Things
    Have a great trip. If you have a chance, give us a call tonight, collect, before you leave. Tried to call last night but didn’t realize you’d already moved out of residence.
    Glad to see Cinque Terre is still on the itinerary.
    By the way, did you get your new camera fixed? Try to get through the trip without ruining another electronic item!
    Have a blast and come home safe.
    Love Mom and Dad


    • Re: Bigger and Better Things
      I was able to exchange the camera for a new one. No questions asked. Future Shop has pretty good customer service. I’ll try not to break/lose this one.
      We’re looking forward to Cinque Terre. Just booked our hostel today, as we’re there on a weekend and things fill up fast.
      I’ll give you a call tonight before we head out.


  2. Congrats and good luck, Chris. You’d better make it back in one piece, and not forget about coming back. Joel will cry if you miss his Fringe show this year. And, you know, I’d kinda miss you too. Have fun!!


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