EuroTrip2006 – Day 3: Sleep Walking London

Highlight: Watching Les Miserables. I love musicals. It’s official. Ben may have dozed off for parts, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Lowlight: One more day in London seeing sights I’ve already seen before. I’m looking forward to something new and exciting and for my adventure to really begin.
Fun Fact: Show up to a theatre in London 1 hour before show time and you get 20 pound student tickets.
Money spent: Β£44.00
Ben Frustration Index(BFI): 3
Pairs of clean underwear left: 10
Book Page: 111

Another busy day in London, making sure Ben gets to see all the main sights. Two new things I did today was go inside Westminster Abbey and up on top of Tower Bridge. I didn’t realize that Tower Bridge was originally designed so that pedestrians could cross up top when the bridge opened for boats.

We also went down to Harrod’s and wandered through the British Museum. For lunch, we ate at Cafe in the Crypt, but the food wasn’t as the past two times I went. I had mushroom soup and bread and butter pudding. I also had a carrot, apple, and ginger power drink at a cafe before the musical.

After Les Miserable, we capped off the evening drinking french beer, Kronnenberg 1664, and talking to Lila about Paris. What an ideal segway into the next leg of our journey and the start of my official trip. Too bad I have a lingering chest cold that won’t go away.

Museum  Westminster Abbey   Dragon On Bridge  Tower Breakfast

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