EuroTrip2006 – Day 6: Un Grand Petit Dejeuner

Highlight: Wandering around Paris’s Latin Quarter. Loads of narrow streets full of pedestrians and ethnic restaurants.
Lowlight: The rain while we toured the outdoor garden at the Rodin Museum.
Fun Fact: Rodin’s Gates of Hell sculpture was his life’s work and inspired by Dante’s Inferno. Most of his individual pieces are characters from Gates of Hell. The Thinker actually represents Dante, and on the Gates of Hell he’s sitting on a crucifix pondering all the dead souls.
Money spent: €51
Ben Frustration Index(BFI): -1 (So very happy I came with Ben)
Pairs of clean underwear left: 7
Book Page: 176

Today was a nice light day touring Paris. It rained most of the day so we decided to hit up some museums and wander around the Latin Quarter. But first, we met up with Arzu for the biggest breakfast I’ve ever seen.

The place we went served these French brunch that was absolutely huge. The food just kept coming – a huge bread basket, croissants, 5 different jams, nutella, salad, ham, boiled eggs, salmon, and coffee. We didn’t eat again until dinner.

We burned off as many calories as we could by wandering the Latin Quarter and looking at all the funky shops and ethnic restaurants clustered in narrow alleys. When the rain really started to come down we were forced to head back
to the hotel and grab our rain jackets. Then we headed to the Rodin Museum, because we thought it was indoors.
Unfortunately, about half of the statues are actually outside in the garden.

The Rodin Museum was full of Rodin’s statues – like the Thinker (most famous), the Kiss (my favourite), and the
Gates of Hell (a culmination of all his work). We paid for an audio guide and were glad we did. There were lots of interesting tidbits about the pieces and it made it possible to spend a few hours looking at maybe 100 statues.

For dinner we went back to the Latin Quarter and ate at a Greek restaurant (I was happy to see some vegetarian options for once). I had some eggplant dip, a fish skewer, and baklava for dessert.

After dinner we went to the train station and tried to find somewhere to go for a day trip. We were looking at something in Northern France, but then noticed that Brussels is only 2 1/2 hours away by high speed train. So, that’s the plan right now. A quick day trip to another country to celebrate May Day.

The Thinker In His Garden  Fool in the Rain

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