EuroTrip2006 – Day 10: A Lack of Public Washrooms

Highlight: Discovering the square full of Italian restaurants and eating amazing pizza and gelato.
Lowlight: Paying 40 cents to use a washroom and still pissing my pants before I could get to a toilet.
Fun Fact: Nice, now the centre of the French Riviera, was once part of Italy and has a distinct Italian feel to it. Everyone is laid back and relaxed.
Money spent: €42 (including 40 cents for a toilet and €2 to use the shower at our hostel)
Ben Frustration Index(BFI): 1
Pairs of clean underwear left: 6
Book Page: 432

This morning I woke up with a slight headache after last night’s craziness. My yearning to stay another night with the party animals and hot Canadian girls had faded over night. Although I had a blast the night before I didn’t think I could keep up that pace for a few days. I’m not sure how some people do it. They party every night and then wake up at the crack of dawn to go to the beach – the girls who stayed out later than us were gone before I barely crawled out of bed.

After leaving our bags with the Crypt Keeper downstairs, Ben and I headed off to find the beach. The beach was kind of disappointing. There were lots of hot girls, a fair number topless, but there was no sand. It was like a British beach – all annoying pebbles. Oh well, at least we didn’t have to worry about getting sand in everything.

The water was way too cold for swimming but I stuck my feet in. We laid on the beach for a while, catching some rays and enjoying the view. The 90 km/h winds kept whipping dust in my face and blowing my book around. Maybe no sand was a good thing; we would have been in a sand storm.

After a few hours, we went back, got our bags, and found a new hostel near the train station. It lacks in beautiful Canadian girls, and Ben and I will be sharing a double bed tonight, but it seems quieter.

The afternoon was spent back on the beach. I felt dehydrated from the sun and last night’s alcohol, so I sat sipping water and reading. After an hour I had drank a full litre and needed to relieve myself. We set off in search of free toilets, not wanting to break our streak. The casino wouldn’t let us in and the McDonald’s had locks on the doors and video cameras. I tried to find a receipt with the code on it, but gave up after a few minutes. As my need of facilities grew urgent I resigned myself to paying and we looked for a pay toilet. Finally I we saw one in a park and I ran ahead ready to burst. Running wasn’t probably the best idea because it only hastened my need. When I entered the room, I threw 40 cents at the lady and dashed right for the toilets. She started yelling at me and I quickly realized I was in the girl’s area. I turned around and ran back, but my body relieved let loose. I made it to the toilets only as I pissed my shorts. I couldn’t believe that I had made it all that way, paid, and was foiled by the bladder control of a 4 year-old. Oh well, nothing to do but endure Ben’s snickers and go back to the hotel to change.

After I went home to change, I met up with Ben on the beach. We climbed a big hill overlooking Nice and took some pictures. We came down a different route and ended up in a maze of tiny streets that were jammed-packed with gelato shops and Italian restaurants. I thought it was weird since we were still in France, but I later discovered Nice was part of Italy for many years and as recently as 1860 it was considered part of Sardinia. We found a pizza place and tried to eat there, only to be informed that it didn’t open until 7:00. Dismayed, we carried on and found out every restaurant was closed until 7. So, we waited and came back for the best pizza I have ever had. I had an eggplant pizza and an avocado salad. For dessert we found a gelato shop that had 100 flavours of gelato – including some really weird ones like garlic and rosemary. I had a scoop of passion fruit and mint.

Tropical Tree Hugger  Topless Sunbather  Beautiful View  Superman  Ben Roller Coaster  Pizza

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