EuroTrip2006 – Day 14: Pisa Pitstop

Highlight: Taking funny pictures with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Lowlight: Finding out Ariel had her wallet stolen in Rome and wouldn’t be joining us in Florence, and getting stuck with a 3 bed hotel room.
Fun Fact: Many attempts have been made to stabilize the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which slowly tilts more and more each year, the most recent was completed in 2001. The tower was almost blown up by the US Army during the World War II because of the threat from snipers.
Money spent: €62.50
Ben Frustration Index(BFI): 1
Pairs of clean underwear left: 13
Book Page: Done(848 pages)

The plan this morning was to wake up around 7:30, jump on a train to Vernazza, and meet our California friends for breakfast around 8:30 before finishing off the last leg of the hike to Monterosso.

Instead, a gang of roosters decided to wake us up at 6:30. Then the passing trains, bright sunshine, church bells and noises of a small town coming to life made sure we didn’t fall back asleep.

The rest of the morning went to plan. We had breakfast in Vernazza – a tort with egg, rice, and cheese. Then we bought some fruit and headed out on the trail. When I bit into the apple, the centre was rotten and I almost gagged. I took it back and exchanged it for a non-rotten one.

The hike took another 2 hours, but again it was lots of fun and conversation flowed freely. As we passed groups on the trail we would say hello in different languages, much to everybody’s amusement.

After hiking we hoped to hit the beach in Vernazza for some time in the sun and on the sand, but the weather was cool and drizzly. We contented ourselves with amazing pizza and foccachia for lunch and more gelato for dessert.

After lunch the girls decided to go to Pisa for quick visit before continuing on to Lucca. We had to go that way to get to Florence anyway, so we tagged along.

During the train ride, we taught the girls to play Euchre and they taught us gin. Now Ben and I have another 2-player game to keep us amused on the long train rides.

Pisa was just a quick “jump off the train, get to the tower, snap some pictures, and get back on the train”-stop. We got some absolutely hilarious photos with the tower. Check them out below.

Back at the train station we parted ways with the girls. It was a great 2 days and we’ll miss their company. Having new faces around really brightened up the trip and made refreshed the conversation. In Florence we were supposed to meet up with Ariel and hang out with her until Rome, so maybe that would help to.

When we arrived in Florence, we were once again accosted by hotel salespeople. We brushed the first guy off by decided to check out the second hotel that seemed to have a good deal for a room with 3 single beds. We decided to take it for the 2 nights we’re here.

We did some laundry and I found a payphone to call Ariel in Rome to find out what time she was arriving in Florence. To my shock and dismay I found out she was pick-pocketed in Rome and wouldn’t be able to make it to Florence. What a shitty situation. I’m devastated, she’s going through hell to get money and cancel credit cards, and Ben and I argued for an hour with the hotel guy to try and get our money back for the 3rd bed – with limited success.

The hotel owner was a real hardass. Ben did his best to get him to give us our money back, but in the end of the day we didn’t have much bargaining room. We had already signed a credit card statement.

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