EuroTrip2006 – Day 34: Sleeping Soundly in My Fortress

Highlight: The moment I realized how imposing the fortress I was staying in was. I was giddy like a school girl. So cool. I’m sleeping in a frickin fortress.
Lowlight: The journey to Koblenz took 2 hours longer than I thought because of train delays.
Money spent: 38.1 Euros
Pairs of clean underwear left: 4
Book: 437

Today was another long traveling day. Getting from The Hague to Koblenz, Germany involved 3 transfers and was supposed to take 5 hours, but a train accident in Germany cancelled one train and delayed another by 40 minutes. So, I didn’t arrive in Koblenz until 4 pm. There were several frustrated people in the train station, book and was a picture of calm.

Koblenz, and the Rhine Valley in general, is amazing. The scenery here is stunning. Koblenz sits on the confluence of the Rhine And Mosel Rivers (the 2 most important rivers in Germany). So its a very important place. It is here that German Confederation was born, which makes it the PEI of Germany – a place only visited by foreign tourists. Both rivers are huge and packed with large barges and tour boats. Up and down both of the river valleys castles dot the hills.

From the main part of Koblenz, you can see a huge fortress on top an imposing hill on the opposite bank. That’s where my hostel is. The hostel is amazing. Not only is it in a fortress with amazing views of the city and the whole Rhine Valley, but it has everything. A games room with GameCubes, ping pong tables oustide, friendly staff, and pop music playing in the hallways. I heard Love Generation again – the upteenth time this trip.

Getting to the hostel was a bit of work because I was too cheap to take the chair lift. Instead, I hiked up a steep road with my heavy pack on. It took a almost an hour.

After I checked in and got settled, I hiked back down the hill and took a ferry across the river to the Old City to explore. The monument to German Confederation is huge, imposing, and fun to climb through. One of the best monuments I’ve seen this trip.

The Forks  Ping Pong  Birth of German Confederation  Fortress Koblenz  Hipp Baby Fahrt Mit?  Mystery Statue  Jolly German Statues  German Graffiti  Naked Graffiti  Fortress Ehrinbreitstein

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