The Hunt Continues

Housing LineHouse hunting has to be the most frustrating process ever. I’m almost ready to take anything now. Since it’s already August 4, I’ve given up finding something for August 1, and now we’re looking for September 1 (there are a few August 15 postings too). This isn’t a big deal, since Joy said I can stay as long as I need to, but I really want to find a place of my own.

On Wednesday we say two places. The first one was $1700 for 2 bedrooms. It was kind of dumpy, but reasonable. I was ready to take it. Daniel, being the voice of reason, said we should keep looking.

The 2nd place was only $1300 for a 2 bedroom. When we arrived for the showing 5 minutes after it started, there was already about 50 people lined up in front of us waiting to get in. I couldn’t believe it. Many of the faces I recognized form other houses we’ve looked at. At least we’re not the only ones looking without success. After 20 minutes, the line had barely moved. I decided to head home – although I was curious about the hype, I thought our chances were slim and I was willing to pay more for something nicer anyway. After a quick bike home, I had dinner, and was doing my laundry when Daniel called. 40 minutes later he finally got in and he said the place was amazing. I biked over to have a look for myself.

Even though it looked like a dump from the outside, the inside was really spacious and nice. We filled out the application and offered to pay $1400/ month. We should find out today or tomorrow if we get it, but I’m not holding my breath. Not when almost every person who walked through the door filled out an application.

We haven’t heard back yet, so I guess we didn’t get it.

We saw an apartment downtown last night ($1800 – 2 BR/2 Bath). It was decent. Large rooms, nice balcony, and the building had a swimming pool and hottub. But I wasn’t too excited about it. The few was shitty. And I’d rather live in Kits or closer to Stanley Park. I don’t want to be within walking distance of work.

House hunting has consumed most of my free time in the past weeks. But I have found time to get out. The past two Wednesday evenings have been spent watching fireworks over English Bay with Emily and her friends. I visited Science world and I’ve also explored Vancouver’s cultural scene, going to see Angels in America (a play) – which was good, but not amazing; and an Immaculate Machine concert – which was oh so yummy. Even the opening bands (forget their names) were good. But the female lead singer for Immaculate Machine has such a sexy voice.

Speaking of good music. You’re link of the day is the most nerdy music I have ever heard. Watch the video by The Klein Four.

No big plans for the weekend. I’m going to pimp out my bike, catch up on sleep, maybe run a naked 5 km race, and watch the Pride Parade.


  1. It looks like we’re all going through the same steps… apt hunting, furniture purchases… we’re finally settling down for a longer haul than 4 months!
    Speaking from the other side after much searching and frustration, hang in there and an apt will come. Since you can stay longer wherever you are staying ( even though I know the feeling of wanting your own place real bad ), don’t settle for shit. Since you’ve got the luxury of time, find something you can live with for at least a year and possibly more. Try and remember that it’s no longer a 4-month coop 🙂
    Good luck and may the apt force be with you!


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