Happy BC Day

Happy BC Day everyone! Or whatever excuse for an August long weekend your province might use. Nuts to you if you’re living in the USofA.

I had another relaxing day today. Spent the morning in the walk-in clinic, where I was told I have a viral throat infection. Nothing to worry about, it will clear itself up in a few days.

In the afternoon I biked down to UBC to check out Wreck Beach. I really have to stop treating my road bike like a mountain bike. There are certain things it doesn’t like. Mainly jumping curbs. As I was biking through UBC when I jumped a curb and blew the back tire. My second flat tire this weekend. 😦

I walked down to Wreck beach via path #4, which leads to a quieter area full of naked people playing guitar and avoiding the crowds of the main beach. Then I walked down the coast to the main area where I was greeted by a Hippytopia. Nude, topless, and clothed people lying on the beech, playing naked frisbee, skim boarding, and enjoying illegal drugs. It was quiet an experience. I fully expected to see naked old men and fat women. But there were a fair number of really hot girls about my age that were topless.

I kept my shorts on the whole time. I considered heading back to the quieter area, so I could get naked and go for a naked swim. But I passed in the end. Next time.

I only stayed for an hour before I went and walked my bike back home, which took over an hour. Stupid flat tires. Sorry no pictures, it didn’t seem right. I probably would have been turkey slapped.

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