Geotagging Pictures

Geotagged PhotosFlickr has just released the coolest feature ever! Ever! You can now geotag your pictures with location information, which they display on a funky map UI.

So, I spent an hour yesterday geo-tagging every one of my pictures. All 900 of them. I restricted some of the location information to Flickr contacts so randoms don’t start stalking me or my family, but other than that, almost all of it is publicly available.

I obviously wasn’t the only one jumping on the bandwagon. Flickr expected 1 million geotagged photos in the first month. They had 1,234,384 geotagged photos in the first 24 hours. Flickr users are crazy and compulsive. I fit right in.

Check out a map of my pictures here: world North America BC Europe EuroTrip.

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