Vancouver International Film Fest

The Vancouver Film Fest has been on for the past 2 weeks. I managed to check out 3 films.

Pedro Almodóvar’s Volver – a Spanish flick starring Penélope Cruz. It was one of the big, hyped films and didn’t disappoint. It was really funny and had a quirky plot.

Monkey Warfare was a spontaneous event. Daniel and Kevin were going to see it and invited Emily and I along. I was pleasantly impressed with this Canadian flick. It was about Vancouver hippies living in Toronto. The guy teaches his young, sexy pot dealer about the 60s and revolutionary movements and she decides to go smash up SUVs. It was funny and featured the best montage showing hot girls riding around on bikes.

The 3rd film we saw was Congorama – a French Canadian film with plot twists galore and a unique story line. I thought it was the best film we saw. Very original and the Q&A with the director was interesting.

I really wanted to see Manufactured Landscapes. I went down a few days after the festival started and it was already sold out. I guess I’ll have to wait until a distributor picks it up.

My only complaint about the festival was the theatres weren’t set up well to read subtitles. For both Volver and Congorama I had to keep moving to see around the head in front of me, and I’m sure I didn’t make life easy for the person behind me.

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