On Saturday I bought my first pair of $100 jeans. No more Zeller’s specials for me. These are styling jeans from Mavi. They’re nice, and more importantly they fit well. I can’t remember the last time I had a pair of pants that were the right length and width. Mom, take note: 30 waste, 34 length.

I was pretty much forced into buying a new pair of jeans. My old pair had a giant whole in the crotch, not that it stopped me from frequently wearing them. I just figured it was a good sign to invest in a new pair, and the hole made me vulnerable to unpleasant probing.

In other earthshaking news, I was awoken at 4:30 this morning by what I thought was an earthquake. In reality it was just severe wind gusting at over 50 km/h coming off Georgian Bay and rattling our windows. The wind was actually strong enough to open the sliding window in the living room, so I had to bungy-cord it shut. For a while I thought our building was actually swaying in the wind, but it was just the grogginess wearing off.

It definitely reminded me of the recent discussions I’ve had with people at work about earthquakes. It’s weird living in an area that could experience a quake, even if a minor one. Maybe I’ll go through the earthquake preparedness check list and see what I should buy.


  1. When I was living in Vancouver I experienced a small earthquake. It was kind of cool; I was sitting under some cabinets filled with lab glassware and they started rattling. I initially thought a big truck was passing by the portable classroom but then people started ducking under the lab benches.


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