Don’t Drink the Water

There’s blood in the water. Or at least diarrhea causing bacteria.

Vancouver was hammered over the past few days with a “winter storm”. When I think of winter storms, I picture blowing snow, white-outs, and icy roads. Not 100 km/h winds, torrential rain, and mudslides. But this is the west coast and it doesn’t actually snow here. Well it does, just not in Vancouver.

The good news is that it was cold enough in the mountains that all that rain we got in the city fell as snow on the ski hills. Cypress (which I bought a pass for) opened today with snow over a metre deep. They’re not open for night time skiing yet, but hopefully soon. So, this weekend I’m going snowboard shopping.


  1. The troubles in Vancouver were all over the news today. There seemed to be a lot of chaos today. In one place people were being trampled to get to PS3s and in Vancouver people were being trampled to get bottled water. I wouldn’t think that boiling your water would cause such a hassle, but they said it’s costing a lot of business for restaurants.
    That’s good news about the snow though. Such an early start to the ski season!


    • Boiling the water might get rid of the bacteria, but it’s still brown.
      At work they distributed 2 bottles of water to every employee. Personally, I don’t understand what the big fuss is. According to the media, you aren’t even supposed to brush your teeth with the water, but I still did. That being said, there was one member of my team that went home sick on Thursday with a stomach ache.


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