Wow. 2 political posts in 1 day

Where do the Conservatives find their candidates?

Thank you Rick Mercer for once again making me laugh while pointing out the Conservatives are a bunch of religous zealots.

And since I’m bashing the Conservatives anyway, you should check out this article about Vancouver’s safe injection site. In brief, the Conservatives want to shut it down on moral grounds, the locals here support it, and recent studies are showing it is working to decrease HIV/AIDS and helps people break their drug habits – something the Cons don’t want to hear. So they’ve cut research funding while at the same time saying more research needs to be done before the commit to keeping it open.


  1. I’ve heard the complaint about Vancouver before that all the hipsters rock out standing still with their hands in their pockets, but it was weird to witness.
    It’s true everywhere I’ve been with the exception of Montréal (Toronto, Vancouver, K-W, Ottawa, Seattle, NYC, San Francisco). Maybe it contributed to why I’m listening to more and more techno/house? Sure they take more drugs, but they are enjoying themselves and they show it. I have more fun when other people are having more fun.


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