Snow, Robots, and Visitors

I can’t believe it. It’s actually snowing out right now, and not just in the mountains. In Vancouver, fluffy snowflakes are softly drifting by my window and blanketing the city. It may not be ideal for the homeless, the water quality, or the Vancouver drivers who don’t know how to drive in the white stuff (CBC), but I’m loving it. It looks beautiful and it means more fresh powder.

StokedI spent the day volunteering at the FIRST Lego League tournament. It was a good time and it means I can take a day off work in lieu. Part of my journey to get there involved a short SkyTrain ride. While I was riding along, I glanced out at the mountains. The sun was just coming up and lit up the top half of the mountains. They looked much closer than they normally do, and the snowy peaks were absolutely glowing. That’s why I love this city. It was so beautiful.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. 10 of us from work are all going skiing and snowboarding up at Cypress. It’s been snowing like crazy up there and with the snow today they should have amazing conditions tomorrow. I’m excited about the fresh powder because it means it will be that much harder to hurt myself. I love a challenge.

The only downside of the volunteering today and the snowboarding tomorrow is I really haven’t had a lot of sleep lately. Wednesday and Thursday night I was hanging out with Lorrissa and Erin who were up from Seattle enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday. They were thinking of skiing up at Whistler, but the pull of Black Friday lured them back south on Friday. I’m looking forward to spending more time with them, and the rest of the Seattle crew, when I visit next weekend.

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