I Don’t Need No Stinking TV

Not having a tv has it’s disadvantages. Like I can’t watch Little Mosque on the Prairie, which looks wickedly funny. But life is getting steadily better. In many ways I feel like a pioneer of a post-tv world.

Yes, there’s YouTube and BitTorrent for ripped media. But recently, I’ve been really impressed with the number of Canadian stations offering free content online. TSN had live, online coverage of the World Junior Hockey games with impressive quality. I watched the 2nd period of the gold medal game and there wasn’t any noticeable lag.

And today I discovered CBC Video which has all of CBC’s news programs, with up to the minute content, and tons of clips from other shows, including 22 Minutes, Air Farce, and the Rick Mercer Show.

The only notable downside of living off a pure Internet entertainment diet, is my attention span is shrinking. I’m getting used to content in sub-3 minute chunks. I tried to sit through a full CBC news broadcast this morning and I couldn’t watch for more than a minute. Granted, I had already scanned the news that morning, so a lot of the content was old. But I fear my attention span is approaching that of a goldfish.

One comment

  1. hahaha. my attention span has been like that for years! I’ve still managed to graduate from UW. So it can’t be that bad to have such a short attention span. =)


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