A Snob is Born

My transformation to a BC snow snob is complete. Cypress might be a ten times better than Asessippi, but Whistler is easily ten times better than Cypress. I still can’t comprehend how big those frickin’ mountains are. I almost stayed home on Sunday, but some positive peer pressure and my better judgement got the better of me, and I joined Nim, Dan, and Kevin on a one-day Whistler skiing and snowboarding celebration.

I’m still having a tough time digesting just how big those mountains were. We spent the morning on Whistler Mountain and the afternoon on Blackcomb. We went hard all day, only resting and eating while riding the lifts back up. Even then, we only went down a small fraction of the trails. I think you could easily spend a few days there and never do the same run twice.

My favourite run was the Blue Line on Blackcomb, which started off with a sheer vertical drop and then gently curved through an imposing rock canyon. The Peak-To-Creek run on Whistler was lots of fun too – the views from the peak of Whistler were amazing. I could even see Black Tusk, my overnight camping/hiking destination last summer (here).

Whistler Sign  Snow Bums  After Snowboarding Dinner  Snowboarder Wannabe

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