Taras – Winnipeg DJ Phenom

My flight from Winnipeg to Vancouver last week was on one of Air Canada’s older planes. No spiffy personal televisions, so I was forced to watch the communal movie. The sound cut out and they put on some crappy romantic comedy from the 80s – it was so bad my mind has blocked out all memories and I can’t even tell you the title. Anyway, I had nothing else to amuse myself, so I alternated between the movie and listening to music on my iPod and the Air Canada radio stations.

A song on the Dance station caught my ear and eye. It was by a Canadian artist called Taras. I went to school (elementary and high school in Winnipeg) with a Taras Harkavyi who was very musical and into dance music. I wondered if it could be the same person. Taras came to Canada when I was in grade 6 and both his parents were musicians in the Ukraine. I remember at one our high school dances he played a dance track that he had created. Given that Taras isn’t exactly a common name in Canada, I thought the odds were high it was the same person.

When I got home I did some quick searching, and sure enough it was him. The song I heard is his first single, I Love You. It’s a good song, but his second single, I Will Love Again, is rocking! Check out the video. If you’re curious, he makes an appearance in the middle. He’s the guy who walks in on his girlfriend in bed with another man.

You can purchase his album Lift Off(in MP3 format) from his record label’s website. I bought it today, and I’m quite impressed.

I went on a bit of music buying binge today. I don’t mind paying for music, I just refuse to pay for DRM infected files. I picked up Taras’s album, and 5 other albums from Audio Lunchbox:

A few of the albums I already had acquired by other means, but I wanted to support the artists who make their songs available for MP3 download.

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  1. Crazyness
    This is kinda crazy. I actually heard that song (I will love again) on some radio station in Ontario a long time ago and tried to find it but came up with nothing but some song by Lara Fabian when I searched for it – clearly not the right song! I’m not sure if I’ve heard it (though not the same remix) before then or whether this is an original. When I just watched the video I had a sense of recognition that seemed to go beyond having heard it once on the radio… but that could be totally fabricated. Anyways, I like the song and am now glad I know where to find it! Nice job! Weird coincidence too!


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