I’m Anti-Antibiotic

So, I guess that makes me probiotic.

Looking NormalishI finally finished my anti-biotic treatment on Saturday, so I’ve taken my mother’s advice and started a probiotic treatment. Basically, it involves consuming this yogurt-like substance every day. I just mix it in with my smoothies. From what I could gather from Wikipedia, the probiotic cocktail is jam packed with good bacteria and is supposed to restore good bacteria levels after the slaughter that occurred while I was on antibiotics.

My mouth is healing well. I had the last of the stitches removed this morning. The next step is waiting 6 months for the bone graft to take.

One comment

  1. Hey Handsome
    Well that’s a vast improvement on the last picture of yourself. Glad to hear you are following the probiotic advice. Only one year to try not to lose your fake teeth. Not dropping them off the chair lift into white snow would be a good start.
    Love MOM


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