Your weekly numbers: 0, Pi, 58

The week started off amazingly. Monday morning: the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. I was still on an emotional high from the run on Sunday. I walked to work smiling and whistling.

Big Muscles, Little CarI got a NOW (read: really high severity) bug first thing in the morning and spent most of the day tracking it down. I forgot I had my first dragon boat practice after work, and didn’t bring any workout clothes. So, in the afternoon after I had fixed the bug, I borrowed Dan’s bike and zipped home quickly. I was in such a good mood I decided to give away Dan’s bike. Ok, I didn’t actually give it away because I’m not sure who I gave it too, but in affect that’s what I did. I left it in front of the building, unlocked, in the bike rack while I ran up to grab my stuff. When I came back down, it was gone. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened. The idea that someone would steal an unlocked bike didn’t even cross my mind. I am the world’s biggest moron, and now I get to buy Dan a new bike. That’s when my week hit rock bottom – zero.

The worst part was that after I walked back to work, I was assigned another critical bug to fix that had to be done before the 7:00 nightly build kicked off. I had to skip the Dragon Boat practice, and didn’t end up getting my code checked in until 7:15. Bah! Did I mention it was push week again at work, so they ordered dinner for us and I stayed until 9 pm. At that point I was terribly depressed about losing Dan’s bike and didn’t feel like doing anything. It’ scary how hopeless I felt. Luckily there was a birthday card from Emily waiting for me at home that cheered me up immensely.

Another day, another NOW bug, another 12 hours spent at work. I lost my keys today. I laughed at that, and then I cried.

The Waterloo contingent gathered all the new grad hires to celebrate Pi Day at 1:59 PM. Nim and Kevin graciously provided the pies, and the rest of us helped consume them. A good break in the middle of another long day. I found my keys in the inner pocket of my jacket. Things are looking up.

I missed the 2nd Dragon Boat practice, so I dropped out of the team. I should have realized it was cursed earlier and given up. Case in point: I showed up late for the original meeting, I ended up sitting in on a manager only meeting because I didn’t notice the location had changed. I felt really awkward, but grabbed some of their food just before I left. Then I missed the first social gathering because of work commitments. I’m sure if I actually went dragon boating I would have drown or something.

I had to miss our run group’s Thursday run because of more NOW bugs at work. Another 12 hour day, more bugs fixed, but very little development done.

Friday started with an 8 am teleconference with some our London team (which I did from home naked). I only worked until 7 pm – the earliest I left all week. So, all in all, I put in about 58 hours this week. Definitely the longest work week I’ve ever had.

After work I really needed a drink, so Robbie, Christina, Lawrence, and I hit up the Hamilton Street grill for dinner and drinks, then went to Soho to place some pool. I’ve given up hardcore drinking after the pain that came after the booze cruise, but I needed something to numb the week’s pain. One drink was all I could take though. My body doesn’t seem to like beer right now.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. The rain’s back. Steady pissing all day (goes well with all the people getting pissed drunk – but not me this year). I spent the morning playing XBOX (did I mention I bought a new 32″ LCD tv and Dan bought an XBox 360 because he couldn’t find a Wii). I left the house in the afternoon, braved the rain (it only seems to rain on weekends when I have free time) and walked down to Canadian Tire and bought a ping-pong paddle and some laundry baskets. Then I cooked up some scrumptious fajitas with tofu fried in chipotle sauce, and watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica. No Gong Show for me today. I’m happy to just relax and not screw anything up.


  1. Sounds like you had some tough luck this week. I hope your next week is better, especially with your birthday coming up.
    If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t drink any alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day either. 🙂 I also missed out on pi day due to a cold.


  2. That is horrible, man! I’m sorry to hear about your string of bad luck! If you need to get into any shenanigans to help you cope,.. or if you want to hit some hardcore working out/running so that you can get high on endorphins, just let me know. That is, providing you’re free from the shackles of push weeks.
    Keep your chin up, Charlie! 🙂
    One week until your birthday! Are you going to do anything crazy?


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