Guerrila Bike Lanes

No, not bike lanes for our hairy cousins, although that would be cool too.

Cyclists in Toronto, fed up with the lack of cycling infrastructure, are taking matters into their own hands and painting their own bike lanes.

“The first time the group struck was on May 30. The gang spray-painted an illegal bike lane in the Annex, between Spadina Ave. and Bathurst St., along Bloor. To make the paths appear legitimate, painters stencilled the city’s bike lane logo – a bicycle and large diamond – along the road as well.

The lines may have been sloppy, but that didn’t stop cyclists from using the lane for two weeks until the city cleaned it up last Monday.

Two weeks after their original stunt, the Repair Squad headed toward another section of Bloor St. This time, they decided to use hot pink spray paint, both for novelty and so that people would know it wasn’t done by the city.”

Article in the Toronto Star.
Hat Tip to Plantizen.

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