The Masses Are Wrong

Canada DayIt’s Canada Day, the sun is shining in Vancouver, and there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be. I love this country.

Sarah come up from the great southern beast to spend the day in our joyful nation. We had a great time hanging out and catching up. We spent most of the day with Emily on Granville Island enjoying the weather and the free jazz shows.

At night we walked down to Stanley Park to watch the fireworks. Along the way we passed by hundreds of people piling onto the beaches of English Bay. We were super confused, because we thought the fireworks were north of downtown in the Burrard Inlet. But the masses couldn’t be wrong. At least not that many people. We only had 15 minutes before the fireworks were set to start and if we walked all the way to the other side of Stanley Park and were wrong, then we were screwed. There were a few police cars parked near the beach, but we couldn’t find an authority figure to point us in the right direction. So we parked our blanket and watched as the crowd anxiously awaited the fireworks.

At 10:30 you could hear the fireworks going off – from the other side of downtown. Confused, half of the crowd realized their folly and the other half sat waiting for the fireworks to start in English Bay. We were part of the first disappointed crowd, so we dejectedly walked back to my apartment as the sound of fireworks echoed off buildings, but the sight of which eluded us. The mix up was likely due to the fact that Canada Day fireworks have been cancelled for several years, and the Festival of Light does set off big fireworks shoes in English Bay. Oh well, next time I won’t be a dumb sheep.

One comment

  1. One Guy started it…
    Probably one guy started it by trying to find a secluded place to avoid the crowds who were going to see the fireworks. Someone spotted him walking determinedly in one direction and assumed he knew where he was going and MUST be going to see the fireworks…so they followed him. Someone else saw two people going in one direction…and followed them.
    As the crowd built so did their credibility.
    Meanwhile, the first guy was probably do disheartened by the crowds he found at his secluded spot that he went to see the fireworks anyway.


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