Collection of Links

Water FightCanadian Businesses Get Help Shrinking Carbon Footprint – this is an initiative being run by Ecotrust Canada, the Pembina Institute, and the David Suzuki Foundation. Ecotrust Canada is the organization that Emily is working for now.

Ten squeeze for shelter in outhouse during storm – this was a story about a friend from elementary school, David Nakonechny who had to jam into an outhouse with 9 friends during a fierce windstorm while camping in the Whiteshell. I should have posted it earlier because it’s gone into the pay archive.

Bedbugs spreading across Vancouver – we had a bedbug scare a few months ago. I always thought they were something from nursery rhymes, but they exist. Back in May, Emily and I both got bites on our arms and and I got some on my chest over the course of a few days. She had bedbugs when she was in New York, so she knew what they were. We quickly washed all of the sheets and clothes, vacuumed everything in the house, and I bought dust-mite covers for my mattress and bedspring. Luckily, that seemed to do the trick, because we haven’t had any bites since. We must have just had one bug. Not sure where he came from, but it was just after Dan came back from the Dominican, so maybe one jumped a ride in his suitcase.

My photo featured on Beyond Robson. Wow. I’m like totally a famous photographer now.

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