The Big Apple (Part 2)

(continuing my New York post)

Unlucky numbersThe most memorable part of the New York trip was going to see Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. Ben had 2 tickets, but since they give out more tickets then there are seats, I had to show up early to guarantee us spots. The tickets recommended showing up between 3:30 and 4:00. I showed up at 3:30 and there were already a ton of people in line. By the time Ben showed up around 4, there were another 50 people behind me. Around 4:30 they told some of the people behind us that they wouldn’t be getting in. Then at 5:00 they counted down the line and decided who would get in. We just missed the cut, but since there were some VIPs that hadn’t shown up yet, they kept 13 people around on stand-bye. Ben and I were 12 and 13. Then at 5:30, just before filming was set to begin, they let us know that they had room for 11 more people. Ouch! So close.

I wanted to see a musical (Avenue Q or Spamalot) but the timing didn’t work out. So, now I have to go back to New York.

Married to Science
On Sunday, Emily and I gave Ben a break from our constant presence, and took a train down to Philadelphia to attend a wedding for Emily’s friend. The train ride was quick, comfortable, and convenient but not cheap. I think I’m addicted to trains. I really wish the train network here was better.

The wedding was nice. I probably would have had a better time if I knew someone other than Emily. The ceremony was nice and short, the reception had good food, and the venue was amazing. The wedding was at the Benjamin Franklin Museum. The cocktails were served in the planetarium and the reception was in a big atrium with a domed ceiling and giant Benjamin Franklin statue.

We stayed at a swanky hotel in Philadelphia and had some time Monday morning to explore a bit. I only found out afterwards that the famous Rocky running scene took place just next to our hotel. I wish I would have reproduced it, but I didn’t have my runners anyway. Philly seemed deserted and quiet, especially compared to New York. The museum district and old town were nice, but other than the Liberty Bell (not that amazing) there wasn’t much to see. I think the place might mean more to Americans with all its history, but the significance was lost on me.

Vancouver vs New York
New York is a lot like London, but the exact opposite of Vancouver. All of the excitement in New York is in the center – the big buildings, Central Park, etc. The waterfront really is under utilized. In Vancouver, the seawall is the biggest gem and its the beaches along the water that make it special.

New York is loud, bustling, and smelly. Vancouver doesn’t really feel like a big city. It’s never that crowded, and it smells nice – maybe because it rains more often. Did I mention it was like +30 and sunny the whole time we were in New York? Vancouver was cool and rainy the whole time we were gone.

New York is more classy than Vancouver. Everyone there dresses nice – suits are the standard. Every time we ate out I felt under dressed. Vancouver is more sporty. The standard wear is MEC gear or Lululemon pants. I never feel out of place walking around in my MEC rain jacket and a lot of people wear ski jackets all the time.

New York is a city of arts and culture. There’s a ton of art galleries and theatres. Vancouver is a city of recreation. People here don’t go see plays, they go hiking. There are lots of parks and none have fenced-off grass.
Typical Apartment Building  Bike Lane  No Littering - Except Sundays  Cellar  Fake Trees  Flatiron Building  Fountain  Gashole  Stonewall Inn  Manhattan Basketball  We're watching you  Manhattan  Statue of Liberty  Pigeon Bath  Penis Man  Columbus Circle  Urban Art  Oh, America  Grabbing the Bull by the Balls  Ground Zero  Gun Shop  Wheel clamped  Ummmm....  All Dressed Up  Hotel Living Room  Hotel Bedroom  Snazzy Shower  Games Gone Wild  Liberty Bell  Field Goal  Manhattan Skyline  Brooklyn Bridge  Unlucky numbers  Ben's Apartment


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