I’m Addicted to the Stats

Flickr just launched this wicked new Stats feature. I love analyzing numbers, as anyone who has seen my extensive collection of Excel charts can attest to. The stats features lets you analyze when each of your pictures is viewed and where the traffic is coming from.

Since Flickr started collecting stats a few weeks ago, 56% of the traffic to my pictures has been from other Flickr pages – usually people searching for tags; 28% has been search engine driven – mostly Yahoo! and Google image searches; And 12% has been from direct links – usually blog posts featuring my pictures.

The interesting part has been figuring out where the hits are coming from for certain pictures. I’ve known for a while that my most popular pictures are the ones with hot girls in them – the Internets is still made for porn. But I’ve been mystified as to why other pictures have been generating hits – my picture of Emily’s faux Turkey thanksgiving masterpiece is the 10th most viewed picture I’ve ever taken.

So, using Flickr’s handy Stats page, I can see who all the referrers are. Some of the traffic has come from random blog posts, including a high profile piece on Yahoo! Directory:

Faux Turkey in Its Natural Habitat Yahoo! Directory article on The Meatless Thanksgiving Feast
Diving Board Feet Happykatie’s post on The cannonball conundrum
Solar Panels Do It Green article on The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Going Solar
Oh, America an International Property Investment Blog post about Top Ten Property Investment Hotspots for 2008

There’s also some interesting image search search queries that will bring up my photos in the first page of results:

Students Studying Yahoo! Image search for students – I’m result #12 on the first page
Wet T-Shirt Finish Yahoo! Image search for wet t-shirt winner and wet t-shirt contest winner – I’m the #1 result! (if you keep Safe Search on) – take that ladies
Yellow Snow Yahoo! Image search for yellow snow – My name in the snow is the #2 result
Scary Fish Yahoo! Image search for scary fish – again my picture takes the 2nd place spot


    • All of my pictures are licensed under Creative Commons, so people are free to use them as long as they attribute the work to me and don’t make any money off its use.
      I also get requests from for-profit websites hoping to use my pictures every now and again. I usually say yes, depending on the site. Schmap is using my pictures in their Toronto, Dusseldorf, London, Oxford, Leeds, and Vancouver guides. The board of education in Switzerland is using one of my photos in English Language guide for the picture of “cycling lane”. I turned down Mazda and a ski resort in Barrie when they asked to use my photos.


  1. That list of places where your pics are posted is pretty impressive! Congrats! I smell a second career…
    It’s really cool that you’re near the top for some of the searches too. Next time I search for porn, though, I’ll make sure to steer clear of any combination of “wet t-shirt” and “winner”.


  2. Freaky
    Pretty freaky to open someone else’s site and see a picture of your place. I read the article wondering if they commented on our very odd placement of the last panel!
    See you soon for Christmas


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