2007 Retrospective

Welcome to the obligatory year-in-review retrospective for 2007.

I hope everyone had a jolly Christmas (or Hanukkah) break. I celebrated Christmas 3 times – once in Vancouver with Emily’s family, the real deal at the Farm with my mother’s extended family, and one last time in Winnipeg with Kerry and her girlfriend. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized Christmas is more about socializing and eating, and less about gift-giving. This year there was lots of people to see and tons of food to eat. It was great to spend time with everyone over the break. Unfortunately, Kelsey was stuck working in Moncton and I didn’t see many friends in Winnipeg – so I’ll have to catch up with them another time.

2007 has been a good year for me. I’ve been 18 months since I moved to Vancouver. It’s nice to finally settle down and get acquainted with one city. My roommate Dan and I are still getting along great. The apartment is fully furnished (it only took 6 months) and contains all the luxuries of modern living: internet access, a nice big tv, an XBox 360 with tons of games, a futon for guests to sleep on, and a fully stocked kitchen.

Emily arrived back in Vancouver in April after 6 months of working for the West Africa Aids Foundation in Ghana. I hate long-distance relationships, so I’m overjoyed to be living on the same continent as her. Luckily she found an amazing job working for an NGO called EcoTrust working in their lending department as a Loan Analyst. With her amazing job, she’s happy in Vancouver and I don’t think she plans on fleeing back to Toronto anytime soon. I’m trying my hardest to convince her of Vancouver’s charm and hoping she ignores the distinct lack of culture. She’s started to snowboard, so I’m hoping my plan is working.

On the job front, work is still work. I like the people I work with and I’m challenged most of the time, so I don’t have many complaints. The stuff I work on isn’t terribly interesting, but it’s not boring either. Business Objects (my employer) was just bought out by SAP, the 3rd largest software company in the world. I don’t think that will impact my daily work routine, but we’ll see what the new year brings.

Now that I have a well paying job, the only thing preventing me from traveling more is vacation time. I did manage to get out of Vancouver a few times. I spent a super relaxing week with the family at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico in February. And in November, Emily and I spent an extra long Thanksgiving weekend in New York visiting Ben (of last year’s EuroTrip fame). Next summer, Ben and I are hoping to take a 2 week trip to Scandinavia and relive all the glory of last years trip, hopefully without Ben’s big fall and his broken shoulder. In addition to the big trips, Emily and I also went on a few weekend camping trips around BC. Unfortunately, it rained on every trip, except the one to the Okanagan Valley, when I got food poisoning. Hopefully, next year will bring better camping luck.

I’m still snowboarding in the winter, playing ultimate frisbee in the summer, and running sporadically. I’m looking forward to another great season of snowboarding this year. Cypress, one of the local mountains we frequent, already has over 3 meters of snow. And there’s 30 of us going to Big White for a weekend ski trip in a few weeks that should be a blast. This year, I played ultimate frisbee from April until October and I survived the whole season with only a few minor ankle sprains. Pretty good considering I dislocated my shoulder in my only game last year. I love playing ultimate frisbee, and it’s easily my favourite sport now. The pinnacle of my athletic accomplishments this year was the Half Marathon I ran in June. In typical Vancouver fashion, it rained for the whole race, but I still managed to run a great time – 1 hour, 33 minutes.

I still cycle to work most days, even in the rain. And I’m still getting along great without owning a car. My bike, public transit, the occasional taxi ride, and car sharing are about all I need. It’s one of the reasons I love Vancouver. There aren’t many cities in North American where it’s this easy to live without owning a car.

This year for Christmas I received my 2 front teeth. The year long ordeal that began in February when I had 2 of my front teeth pulled is nearly over. I had temporary crowns inserted on my new implants just before Christmas, and in a few weeks I’ll have permanent crowns placed in. For the past 10 months I’ve had temporary teeth that I was supposed to remove when I ate and slept. It made for a wicked party trick, but really wasn’t much fun. I often left my fake teeth in while eating because it scared most people. Thankfully, I’m ending the year in good shape, so I’m happy for that.

I still try to keep my blog updated with the daily happenings in my life. Check it out at http://canadianveggie.livejournal.com. And my pictures are all on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/canadianveggie/.

Sincerest hopes for a healthy 2008. I plan on starting this year off, just like last year, with a dip in the Pacific Ocean for the Polar Bear Swim.

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