Yearly Goals – 2007 Review

Considering I had forgotten what my goals were last year were, I didn’t do that badly.

  • Exercise twice a week.
    Failed: I did really well until February, and then I fell off the wagon.
  • Once a week, try out a new recipe from one of my cookbooks.
    Failed: This was a bit ambitious. I think I averaged one new recipe a month.
  • Run a half Marathon.
    Accomplished: I ran the Scotiabank Half Marathon in June in 1:33:06
  • Make it down a blue run at Cypress without falling.
    Accomplished: January 7 at Cypress.
  • Convince some friends to do the Polar Bear Swim 2008 with me and get costumes.
    Accomplished: We didn’t have costumes, but Dan and Rhea joined me this year.
  • Join a work sports team this summer.
    Accomplished: I played on the Ultimate Frisbee team in the summer and fall leagues.
  • Help Emily find an amazing job in Vancouver.
    Accomplished: I didn’t really do anything, but Emily did find an amazing job at Ecotrust.
  • Organize a monthly poker/boardgame night.
    Failed: We only had one official boardgame night, but we did have a few parties where we played boardgames.
  • Go camping 4 times.
    Partial: We camped on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, and tried to camp in the Interior but couldn’t find a site.
  • Do the Grouse Grind.
    Accomplished: I finally conquered Grouse.
  • Take a foreign trip (in addition to Mexico in February).
    Accomplished: I guess New York counts.
  • Ride the Skytrain through every stop.
    Failed: Not even close, but I did ride the SkyTrain down into Surrey.
  • Buy carbon offsets for all my flights this year.
    Partial: I realized carbon offsets are stupid.

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