Willkommen bei SAP

It’s official. I’m an SAP employee. Time to start learning German. I think there are still some legal details, but I have an SAP email address, so that’s enough for me.

We had our Day 1 introduction to SAP yesterday morning. A lot of buzzwords were tossed around, speeches were given, and important questions asked. It looks like business as usual, for the next year at least. From my perspective, not much is set to change. There will probably be some extra integration work, but they’re not changing compensation or benefits for a year (bummer) and my job is safe.

Speaking of SAP, the former chief architect has just made big news for planning an electric car network in Israel. It’s an ambitious project: 10,000-20,000 cars sold a year, 500,000 recharging points, and it should be up and running by 2011. I hope it succeeds.

In other tech news, MDA (which is probably the next biggest tech employer in Vancouver after Business Objects) has been losing employees due to its controversial decision to sell of its space division to an American weapons maker famous for making cluster bombs, depleted uranium rounds and landmines (CBC story). I’d be right pissed if I worked in that department, and would probably quit too.

One comment

  1. Deutsch Stunde Nummer 1
    Ich finde auch dass Du etwas mehr deutsch lernen solltest!
    Lesson 1:
    The sun is shining.
    Die Sonne scheint. (please note that is actually shorter than English!)


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