Random links

Bike LaneHelp! I’m a prisoner in a big suburban house! – yet another article arguing that buying a big home in the suburbs won’t buy happiness. (found on Richard Florida’s amazing blog).

London Commits $1 Billion to Cycling & Walking – I wish Vancouver would be this bold.

Car-Free Vancouver – Father’s Day. Now expanding from Commercial Drive to 6 cites around Vancouver, including my neighborhood in the West End. Should be a good party. Hopefully the rain stays away.

£2bn of public money goes down the Tube as Gordon Brown counts cost of failed deal – a critical read for anyone who thinks Public-Private Partnerships are always a good idea.

Best Music Videos – 6 amazing music videos posted on YouTube.

21 ‘Strange’ Maps – my personal favourite is the Transit Map of the World’s Transit Systems

American’s 50 Greenest Cities – Portland tops the list.

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