Gregor Robertson for Mayor

Gregor RobertsonThe civic election in Vancouver is still 8 months away, but already candidates are lining up to take a run for the mayor’s seat. Unseating a sitting mayor is no easy task, and yet the number of high profile politicians willing to take a run for Vancouver’s top job speaks volumes to how disliked our current mayor, Sam Sullivan, is.

Gregor Robertson is my top choice so far. He’s an NDP MLA, founder of the awesome Happy Planet juice company, and a huge environmental advocate; one of his priorities would be to make Vancouver the greenest cities in the world. A recent poll that compared potential candidates against our current mayor had Robertson beating Sullivan by 18-25%.

But Robertson might not even by running against Mayor Sullivan. The mayor is being challenged by a member of his own party, Peter Ladner, a Vancouver councillor who I’m a big fan of. In a lot of ways Ladner is very similar to Robertson. They’re both businessmen with environmental concerns, although for some reason they ended up in different political parties.

I’d be happy with either as mayor, although Gregor Robertson is my top pick.

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