The University of Winnipeg – Centre of Canada?

Today I realized that the University of Winnipeg is the centre of Canada – at least according to Google Maps.

If you go to (and you don’t have a default location saved) and zoom in as far as possible, you’ll notice it hits the middle the U of W’s campus like a homing missile.

DrainedIn other news, I had a horrible morning when one of my fake teeth fell out while brushing and I spit it down the drain. I spent the whole day without a front tooth (just a peg), and had to ask my landlord to take the sink apart. When I got home after work, there was a bucket under the sink with disgusting water and my tooth at the bottom – it’s sitting in a glass of disinfectant now. The maintenance guy had to replace the whole u-bend of the drain because there wasn’t a trap.

Hopefully I’ll have permanent crowns before my birthday and I can forget about all the tooth shenanigans.

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