Random Linkfest

CBC is going to put one of their shows on BitTorrent. How cool is that? The Next Great Prime Minister will be available to download, DRM-free, on March 24, the day after it airs. I’m pressed.

The only time I’ll agree with the Vatican – polluting is a sin. Not to sound too reasonable, they also say birth control is a sin too.

I’m not sure how it happened, but at work I’ve become the keeper of the timezones and tasked with making all the changes Daylight Savings Time – one of my least favourite tasks. And you’d be surprised how often countries tinker with the dates. As such, I’ve developed a real hate for DST – I’ve always failed to see how it’s supposed to save electricity. Well, it turns out it doesn’t – Daylight Saving Wastes Energy (WSJ).

Those wacky social conservatives in Ottawa are at it again. This time trying to censor films they find “offensive” – which I’m sure is a lot of them. Films like Young People Fucking, which I haven’t seen yet but was highly recommended and I’m hoping to see it soon.

Light exercise boosts energy levels – one more reason to bike to work.

Houses are really, REALLY unaffordable, especially in Vancouver. I’m still hoping the housing market crash is on the way.

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