Surfing in Tofino

The May long weekend is always an iffy proposition weather-wise, but we really lucked out this year. It was sunny and warm on Friday and Saturday, Sunday was nice, and it rained a bit on Monday, but not enough to ruin any of our plans.

Saturday was surfing day. It was my first time on a surfboard and I did ok. I got up a few times, although I never felt that comfortable. It was a long day in the sun, I got burnt, and I felt gross from being in a wetsuit all day.

Sunday we took things a bit easier, with light hiking in Pacific Rim National Park and Ucluelet during the day and a barbeque and bonfire at night.

Monday morning it was pissing rain, so we sat around and played Taboo until it was time to leave.

The house we rented was absolutely gorgeous. We ate really well, with Steph providing the cooking inspiration and the rest of us helping with our small contributions.

All-in-all, it was an amazing weekend. A perfect start to the summer.

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Steph’s pictures

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