Scandinavia08 – The Prelude

I arrived in Toronto on Saturday afternoon for Part 2 of my Waterloo Reunion (Part 1 was in Seattle the weekend before with Lorrissa, Erin, Greg T., Graeme, and Yuxi).

I had a delightful evening with Adam, Ayelet, Chris W., Lisa, and Dave. We stayed up late talking and catching up. Like last weekend in Seattle, it was just good to see everyone and hear what they’re up to – Facebook status updates just aren’t enough to find out about everyone’s new lives. It’s been 2 years since graduation and everyone seems to be moving up in the world.

The wedding was a real cross-cultural experience, with parts of the service in English, French, and Farsi. There were actually 2 services – a Christian one and a Persian one. I really liked the Persian one, even though I couldn’t understand what was going on half of the time – it was really lively, full of traditions, and had good food.

It was great to celebrate Nic and Anoush’s wedding and I wish them all the best. The best part of the ceremony and festivities was again seeing more people from Waterloo – Donna & Brandon, Sean & Kelly, Doug, Ben, Fish, and Narges were all there. I was a bit worried because Ben had his flight on Saturday cancelled, but made it in on Sunday before the ceremony.

The reception after the wedding was lively and I learned the basics of Persian dancing. We danced most of the night and then Ben an I crashed at Narges’s place. We slept in Monday morning before casually making our way to the airport. Narges said bye to us at the bus station, and then we ran into the newly-weds at the airport. They were leaving on their honeymoon and Ben and I were starting our grand Scandinavian adventure.

Waterloo Gang  Bride and Flower Girl  Dancing  Persian Dancing  Knife Dance

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