Scandinavia08 – Day 6: Dine and Dash

Highlight: Being chased down the street because we didn’t pay for our meal. That was the first time I’ve ever dined-and-dashed.
Lowlight: Weather. I didn’t mind changing our plans to accommodate the rain, but the city seemed less exciting in the rain. Copenhagen is a lot like Vancouver – the best attractions are outdoors, and the climate is similar, so it rains frequently putting a damper on the whole city. I was really looking forward to seeing hot blondes sunbathing in parks and biking down streets.
Fun Fact: Denmark has an 180% car registration tax. 180%! That means a new $30,000 car would cost an additional $54,00 to register, almost tripling the cost. Even more impressive is the tax has been around since the 1970’s and no government has tried to get rid of it.
Money spent: 475 DKK ($105 CAD)
Ben Frustration Index(BFI): 3 – 1st, he accused me of uncleanliness when I left a kleenex in the toilet instead of flushing it, then he made fun of my belief in the selective flush technique. Lastly, he was unprepared for the rain and whined about it – we’ve been lucky so far with weather, but I think we’ll get lots of rain the future.

I think today was the first day of the trip that we’ve been able to sleep in, and we needed it. Ben was still a bit tired today, but I felt refreshed.

After a buffet breakfast at the hostel, we spent a few hours touring Rosenberg Castle. It was ok, but nothing special. Similar to London Tower, but not as interesting. Luckily, the Rick Steeve’s guidebook had a walking tour description with some interesting factoids about the castle (like the medieval whoopee cushion chair) that kept things interesting.

In the afternoon it starting raining, so we decided to change our plans. Instead of an afternoon wandering around Christiania (the hippy/anarchist enclave), we decided to check out the Museum of Danish Resistance – a World War II museum about the Nazi occupation. It was free and pretty interesting.

On the way to the museum we were forced to find shelter when the light drizzle turned to a heavy downpour. Strangely, none of the nearby cafes and coffee shops were open on Sunday at noon. The only place we could find was a pub, so we sat down for a pint. There were 2 old guys playing an interesting billiards game with 3 billiard balls and 5 small bowling pins (Later determined to be Five-Pins). We sat for a long time watching and trying to figure out the rules. By the time we left we had the basics figured out.

For dinner, we hit up a vegetarian buffet, Riz Raz. It was filling (buffets usually are) and I always enjoy the selection of vegetarian restaurants, but the food was unexciting – just standard, often plain, mediterranean dishes. Dinner did come with a bit of excitement though. After we left the restaurant we had a waiter chase use down the street claiming we hadn’t paid. I was sure we had. When we walked back with him we found out that Ben had left a 50 Icelandic Kronur coin (which is worth about 65 cents) instead of 50 Danish Kroner (which is worth about $10.75). I had told him to separate his coins out early in the day when I saw him fumbling through mixed change, but he said he was too lazy to bother.

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  1. If Ben accuses you of uncleanliness, you can just refer to this time when I saw him eating cookies from a cookie tin and he was brushing cookie crumbs from his fingers directly back into the tin on top of all the pristine cookies.
    In fact, I’m pretty sure that contrary to popular belief, Ben leaving Longwood to live with you was not due to your princely nature, but rather due to the sheer frequency with which I retell this story. Also there was this one time that he was using paper towels to dry his hands in the kitchen even though there were hand-towels right there… ❤ u Ben!


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