Scandinavia08 – Day 11: Day Trip to Malmö, Sweden

Highlight: The amazing bakery we discovered in in Coppenhagen, called Lagkagehusets. We stumbled upon it and they had the most amazing pastries and deserts.
Lowlight: Snapping on Ben.
Fun Fact: The Oresund Bridge between Coppenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden is actually part bridge and part tunnel. The toll to take a car across is $55, but the the train only costs $13.
Money spent: 128.5 NOK, 215.5 SEK, 266.3 DKK ($143 CAD)
Ben Frustration Index(BFI): 5 – I snapped. Ben’s negativity finally got to me.

Today was a whirlwind journey through Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. We started off the day with an early flight from Bergen to Coppenhagen. Then after checking into our hostel and dropping off our bags, we jumped on a train to Malmö, Sweden. There’s a crazy bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden, so the train only takes 30 minutes.

Malmö is a charming little city. Today, there was an international food festival and the main pedestrian street was lined with food stalls from around the world.

It was in Malmö that I had my first big blow-up at Ben. He kept complaining about everything – there weren’t enough blondes, the weather sucked, and on it went. I know he was just joking around, but it made it tough to enjoy the city. So I told him how I felt, in less than polite words. I feel bad because I have been pretty hard on him and I keep pointing out his quirks and being a regular jackass, but he has been really whiny lately.

In Malmö, we had dinner at a Latin American restaurant, with average food, huge portions, and the cheapest prices we’ve seen all trip.

I had my first encounter today with Swedish fashion. It was like walking into an Ikea commercial. We wandered into a mall in the afternoon to avoid the rain. While Ben was lined up to use the washroom, I perused the various clothing stores. I couldn’t believe how every store sold the same style of preppy, going-to-the-tennis-club men’s clothing. I thought the mall just had poor selection, but then I looked around and everyone was dressed in that same style. It was creepy.

When we got back to the hostel, our room had filled up with backpackers, including two hot girls from Iceland that paraded around our room in tiny booty shorts. Yowzers!

Malmo Horse  Band Leader  Food Expo  Bike Parking  Public square  Bike Lane Cleaner  Bike Ramp  Himmelskibet  Dæmonen

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