Scandinavia08 – The Posts

I’ve added a few Scandinavia posts. They’re all backdated, so they don’t show up in RSS and are further down the main page. Here’s a listing of what I have so far. I’ll keep it up to date as I post more.

Scandinavia08 – The Prelude
Scandinavia08 – Day 1: Icelandic Independence Day
Scandinavia08 – Day 2: Þórsmörk
Scandinavia08 – Day 3: The Golden Circle
Scandinavia08 – Day 4: The Blue Lagoon
Scandinavia08 – Day 5: Copenhagen’s Strøget
Scandinavia08 – Day 6: Dine and Dash
Scandinavia08 – Day 7: Dirty Hippies and Nordic Cruising
Scandinavia08 – Day 8: Oslo’s Frogner Park
Scandinavia08 – Day 9: Norway in a Nutshell
Scandinavia08 – Day 10: Rainy Bergen
Scandinavia08 – Day 11: Day Trip to Malmö, Sweden

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